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Our classic escorted tours take you from east to west, north to south, with a new hotel as you base every day or so.

Alternatively, you’ll fit in lots of sightseeing on our relaxed tours, but you’ll do it from the comfort of just one or two hotels.

An intricately designed series of journeys for those who wish to see the iconic sites and magnificent treasures on a fully-inclusive excellent value group tour. You’ll travel with the assurance that all your arrangements are taken care of – from international flights, visas, accommodation; and all the touring listed on your itinerary. You will be accompanied by our industry-leading National Escorts whose unparalleled knowledge and talent will turn your holiday into a magical and unforgettable experience. Ranging from nine day trips that focus on the main attractions to more comprehensive itineraries exploring lesser-visited regions, our classic tours offer the opportunity to tick all the big sights of your list.

Titan Travel offer by far the biggest range of escorted tours with over 350 expertly-planned itineraries visiting more than 90 countries worldwide. Our tours are only on sale in the UK and Ireland, and are therefore tailored to British travellers. Each of our Escorted Tours have been carefully researched, checked and finalised by our travel experts and we have been split into styles to help you See the World Differently the way you want....

Escorted Tour Deals

Offer: 2019 dates are now available for our Lake Garda, Venice & Verona Tour: Experience a fine blend of scenic views, tranquil lakes, architecture, history & fine dining, 8 days from only £659 per person


Offer: Riviera is proud to announce the latest addition to our river cruise collection. A Russian Odyssey Aboard the MS Russia! Cruise the mighty ‘Mother Volga’, Europe’s longest river and the stunning waters of river Svir on our spectacular 11-night cruise from only £1,999 per person!

Valid: 31/12/2018
Offer: Take an Epic Train ride with Riviera Travel on the The Glacier Express, Switzerland
The Glacier Express is arguably one of the most spectacular railway journeys in the world. Enjoy 8 days trip from only £1,149 per person!

Valid: 30/11/2018
Offer: BRAND NEW TOUR!! Cruising Renaissance Italy, Corsica & Historic Islands
7 nights on the MV Aegean Odyssey, 4 nights in 4-star hotels, Full board during the cruise. 12 days trip from only £1,999 per person!

Valid: 30/11/2018

Featured Escorted Holidays

Asia Tours

Are you someone who wants to do more than just 'see' their holiday destination? Perhaps by meeting locals, trying authentic dishes and taking part in cultural experiences and active adventures? If the answer’s yes, our Immerse Yourself touring range is for you...


It's all about experiences with our Immerse Yourself touring range. Delving deeper into the local culture, understanding its quirkiness and getting off the beaten track. Plus, depending on which tour you choose, you'll either take part in exciting, active adventures or enjoy a little more free time to discover Asia, your way.


More time to wander off-the-beaten-track villages, taste authentic dishes and spend time with locals

A greater range of active adventures on our cultural, immersive tours

Smaller group sizes, of up to 18*

A relaxed touring pace, within our flexible immersive tours, giving you free time to explore the sights and culture, your way

Expertly guided touring of all essential sights, with experienced, local guides

Plus, throughout November, your partner flies free on many tours within our Immerse range. Or if you're a solo traveller, receive 50% off your flight!

The countdown for Christmas has begun, but have you found the perfect gift for your loved ones? At Wendy Wu Tours, we believe the very best gift is the gift of travel. Whether it's Vietnam, India, Japan, Sri Lanka or China that's next in your sights, there's a wealth of unforgettable experiences and memorable moments available in 2018.


There's nothing quite like experiencing a country just as the locals do. Spend time with Kerala's residents, as they cook authentic south Indian home-style dishes for you to indulge in!

Immerse yourself into laid back Kerala’s culture on our 13 day Discover Kerala tour from £2,590pp


Wake up to the sun rising over the picturesque emerald waters of Vietnam's Halong Bay. Take it all in as your slow-paced ship weaves through the striking karst peaks.

Experience this on our 18 day Vietnam Panorama tour from £2,490pp 


One of Japan's most striking natural wonders, Mount Fuji is in fact the country's tallest mountain and active volcano. You can even admire its inspiring peak all the way from Tokyo!

See Japan’s magnificent wonder on our 11 day Jewels of Japan tour from £4,790pp


The Elephant Transit in Home, Sri Lanka is a special place. Help care for sick or orphaned elephants before they're released back into the wild. Supported by the Born Free Foundation, this is the place to visit, whether you're an elephant fan or not!

Make a difference on our 15 day Highlights of Sri Lanka tour from £3,290pp


China's most iconic sight, walking on this mighty structure can only be one of the most exciting, magnificent and unbelievable things you'll ever do!

Tick this off your bucket list on our 10 day A China Experience tour from £1,990pp

Ancient empires & modern-day cities

Come explore ancient sites that have survived centuries and even millennia, alongside modern developments in colourful towns and cities. Our expert guides will offer insights into the past and bring to life the extraordinary monuments you have no doubt read about.

Journey to a time when all-powerful pharaohs controlled a mysterious empire, which lasted virtually intact for more than 5,000 years. Our Nile cruise explores the mighty monuments, intriguing history and extraordinary artistic masterpieces from one of the earliest civilisations in the world.

Discover Egypt

Explore a captivating land where the fundamentals of civilisation have been prevalent for thousands of years. Xi’an, the ancient capital of the first unified empire, has inherited the extraordinary legacies of past rulers, such as the lifelike terracotta army, and marked the starting point of the historic Silk Road.

Discover China

The cradle of western civilisation has drawn visitors for centuries with its contributions to democracy, philosophy, art and science. Far from just a series of ancient sites, there is some beautiful scenery, too, with majestic mountains, enchanting coastlines and swathes of olive groves.

Discover Greece

Everything that makes Italy a rewarding destination features on this tour. It is home to an extensive classical civilisation, the Renaissance, the Roman Catholic church and the Vatican. Blend this with the natural beauty of the Tuscan countryside and you have unbeatable ingredients for a superb tour.

Discover Italy

Few sites are as spectacular and well-preserved as the Angkor temples of the Khmer empire, a powerful state that ruled over most of mainland Southeast Asia. At its peak, Angkor was the world’s largest pre-industrial urban centre. Join us on our tour that explores their legacies in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Discover Vietnam & Cambodia

Few empires are as mysterious as the Incas of Peru, who were known for their monumental architecture, extensive road network and agricultural innovations. We travel to the Incan capital, Cusco, and Machu Picchu, the breathtaking 15th-century citadel located on the fringes of the beautiful Amazon rainforest.

Discover Peru

Spectacular Coastlines

Enjoy scenic drives along some of the world’s most stunning coastlines. Admire the dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, the glamorous coastal retreats of the French Riviera, or the crystal-clear waters of the Dalmatian Coast.

Perhaps travel to Rio de Janeiro to see its legendary beaches overlooked by the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer, or head east to marvel at Halong Bay’s countless limestone islands over emerald waters. In ruggedly beautiful Australia, the Great Ocean Road offers a seemingly endless stretch of beautiful beaches and limestone formations.

Pompeii, Capri & the Bay of Naples

The Sorrento peninsula and the Bay of Naples is simply one of the most beautiful corners of Europe, attracting visitors for centuries in search of its outstanding scenery, tranquillity and some of the most wondrous ‘sights’ from throughout history. Indeed in the immediate area we have a selection of places to see and visit which stand comparison with almost anywhere in the world.

Dubrovnik, the Dalmatian Coast & Montenegro

Byron christened it, ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, George Bernard Shaw ‘Paradise on Earth’, to us it’s simply idyllic. Naturally beautiful, historically fascinating and wonderfully Mediterranean. Croatia is simply one of Europe's 'must see' destinations, with a recent past unique in European history. Within just five years it experienced the fall of communism, a war and then full independence. Today however, with the scars very much healed, this matchless blend of history, Mediterranean ambience and truly stunning natural beauty is, and rightly so, on the discerning traveller’s map once again.

Nice, Monaco & the Côte d’Azur

Discover the city of Nice on a guided tour by coach and on foot.

South America Highlights

In the minds of many, Peru is inextricably associated with the Incas, the remarkable civilisation that, by the 16th century, had created one of the greatest empires in the world. Their territory stretched, in modern-day terms, from Colombia in the north, to Chile and Argentina in the south. Amazingly, this dominance was achieved without the benefit of the written word, ferrous metals, horses, currency or wheels.

Vietnam & Cambodia

Visit the major sights of Vietnam and Cambodia, the very essence of Indochina, experiencing their captivating blend of French colonial history, unique local culture and beautiful rural scenery. Overwhelming image retained by visitors to Vietnam is that of a country blessed with an extraordinary beauty. It’s a mosaic of mist-shrouded mountains, vibrant green forests, a patch-work of rice paddies and pristine white beaches, whilst its villages and cities are custodians of the culture and monuments of a unique 2,000 year old civilisation.


Australia is big... really big! This vast island continent could swallow up Europe whole, with room to spare. For some 50,000 years, a tiny Aboriginal population lived here in harmony with the untamed primal wilderness, undisturbed by the outside world until European colonisers arrived, spearheaded by Lieutenant James Cook in 1770. Since then Australia has flourished, and now makes her presence felt around the world, thanks in large part to the boundless enthusiasm and resourcefulness of her people, the outgoing, energetic descendants of convicts, gold miners, explorers, traders and adventurous settlers down the centuries.

Top destinations

Enjoy a river cruise exploring the sleepy villages and medieval towns among the breathtaking rolling hills of the Douro Valley, or the gorgeous Provençal vineyards along the Rhône.

Perhaps take a memorable tour with us to explore northern Croatia and the beautiful Istrian Riviera, or embrace the cooler temperatures and the incredible mountain scenery of Mont Blanc.

Why not travel a little further? Vietnam’s tropical south offers plenty of sunshine.

With over 140 destinations to choose from, we have put together our top destinations that we think you will love.

The Douro, Porto & Salamanca

One of Europe’s best kept secrets in one of its most undiscovered corners, explore the sleepy villages and medieval towns unchanged for centuries, amongst the breathtaking rolling hills and terraced vineyard slopes of the stunning Douro Valley.

Burgundy, the River Rhône & Provence river cruise

From the lush slopes of the scenic winelands to the sun-baked hills of Provence and the wild beauty of the Ardèche Gorges to the medieval splendour of Avignon, enjoy a fascinating cruise to one of the most picturesque corners of France. We start in France’s gastronomic capital and explore the beautiful Saone and Rhône rivers, the preferred route of traders and invaders alike since the dawn of recorded history. Everywhere there are reminders of the Romans and the greatest empire of the ancient world.

Northern Croatia: The Istrian Riviera & Zagreb

Experience diverse northern Croatia – lively Zagreb, the stunning Plitvice Lakes, the vine-covered hills of Zagorje and Italian-influenced Istria, where charming fishing ports, ancient towns and beautiful islands reveal a unique identity.

Mont Blanc, Lake Geneva & Annecy

Every day a different ambience, from alpine France to sophisticated Switzerland and historic Italy. The raw beauty of Mont Blanc with its immense glaciers, serene Lake Geneva and medieval Annecy are inspirational. Rising in a great wall of granite and schist between France, Switzerland and Italy, the glorious, awe inspiring beauty of the Alps attracted Europe’s first “tourists” almost three centuries ago.

Check out Travelsphere’s Top Selling Tours to various fantastic destinations


6 DAYS FROM £1,099


8 DAYS FROM £1,009


8 DAYS FROM £849


16 DAYS FROM £3,049

A Grand Tour of China Including Yangtze Cruise

16 days from only £2,699pp

Since the days of Marco Polo, China has fascinated our western minds in the most compelling way. The country’s immense size, almost unimaginable wealth and other-worldly culture have together woven an intoxicating and quite irresistible spell.
The Chinese today are living through an astonishing transformation. As well as being justly proud of their long history and unique cultural legacy, they’re keen to show you their huge achievements as a rapidly growing world superpower. China has always been a nation of superlatives. The most populous on earth, it’s also the fourth largest. Silk, tea, paper money, porcelain and gunpowder all originated here. Effectively closed to outsiders for most of its history, China has developed its own unique character, language and society.
At the heart of Beijing lies the Imperial Palace. Collectively called the ‘Forbidden City’, it contains a staggering 9,999 rooms. Adorned with paintings of dragons and phoenixes, carvings and inscriptions, it’s crowned by typically Chinese turned-up roofs with gold-hued tiles. Tiananmen Square, the final resting place of Chairman Mao, holds a staggering 600,000 people. The Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven are stunning in their simplicity and laden with symbolism. And beyond the city lies the stupendous Great Wall, the largest structure ever built by man and one of the new seven wonders of the world.
Two centuries before the founding of ancient Rome, Xian was already a world-class city and gateway to the Silk Road. Home to over a dozen dynasties, it houses the extraordinary Terracotta Army. First discovered by farmers digging a well, the life-size and remarkably preserved warriors all have their own individual features. They’ve guarded the tomb of the first Qin Emperor for more than two millennia.
Guilin has some of China’s most breathtaking scenery. Beautifully set around four lakes and two rivers, it’s surrounded by the karst limestone scenery of lush forest-covered peaks and pinnacles. You’ll also visit the extraordinary Longshen Rice Terraces, carved into the hills in their thousands over centuries by the hands of Yao tribesmen.
In Chengdu, you’ll see some of the world’s most endangered and enchanting animals – Panda bears. This is the leading Panda research and breeding centre in China. We’ll visit them in the morning while they’re still active, and before they sleep for the rest of the day after eating their fill of bamboo.
Our three-day cruise on the Yangtze is a welcome change of pace as our five-star ship, the RV Century Sun, navigates through the spectacular Three Gorges. Shanghai, China’s wealthiest city, is an intoxicating mix of colonial tradition and modern economic dynamism. The riverside Bund became one of the greatest trading centres of the world. Today this lovingly restored waterfront contrasts with the forest of skyscrapers that cover the skyline.
China is also home to one of the world’s great cuisines – with the ubiquitous Peking Duck from the north, chillies from the west and fruit and carp from the sub-tropical climate of the south. Real Chinese food is both a revelation and a gourmet paradise. In Britain our standard greeting is ‘How are you?’ In China, it’s ‘Have you eaten today?’
This tour is a remarkable journey of discovery of one of the world’s most ancient cultures, aspects of which are almost beyond our comprehension, blended with a remarkably stunning topography and a staggering pace of modernisation.

Experience more with so much included

Selected departures from March to October 2018 and March to October 2019

South Africa Tours

South Africa really is the perfect destination for an escorted tour and holiday of a lifetime. In the latest edition of our flagship worldwide brochure, we launched two new exciting tours to this diverse and adventurous country.

South Africa Tours

Contrasts of the Cape

From cities to villages, mountains to deserts, and wildlife to wine

17 days from £3,049 per person

First up is Contrasts of the Cape, a spectacular journey along the magnificent Garden Route which unique to Titan, visits the lesser known gem of Graaff-Reinet - a charming little town rich in arts and culture set in South Africa’s desert region. Here marks the gateway to the Valley of Desolation, making an unforgettable location to view the magnificent sunset. For wildlife enthusiasts, Kariega Game Reserve is an exciting highlight as we include an incredible four game drives, providing ample opportunities to spot the ‘big five’.

The Garden Province of KwaZulu-Natal with Lesotho

Wetlands, wildlife and 1,000 mountains of the Drakensberg

14 days from £2,699 per person

Our second tour is The Garden Province of KwaZulu-Natal with Lesotho, a must for anyone wanting to discover traditional Zulu culture with a combination of the region’s beautiful and diverse nature. This small group tour will discover the region of KwaZulu Natal, from the India Ocean at Selbourne to the Dizzy heights of the Drakensberg Mountains, as well as the land locked kingdom of Lesotho - the heart of tribal Africa.

Discover Latin America with LATAM Airlines & Mercury Holidays

For the ultimate touring experience, why not visit Latin America? There's much to discover here, such as wonders of the world, ancient Incan cities, colourful neighbourhoods and much more. Book with Mercury, fly with LATAM and enjoy an experience you will never forget.

10 day Escorted Tour from £1,699pp
Brazil & Argentina

14 day Escorted Tour from £2,799pp
Chile & Easter Island

15 day Escorted Tour from £3,049pp
Chile, Bolivia & Peru

21 day Escorted Tour from £3,999pp
Grand Tour of South America

13 day Escorted Tour from £2,329pp
Chile, Argentina & Patagonia

9 day Escorted Tour from £2,199pp
A Taste of Argentina

Search Tours

Falling for New England

Changing leaves, wildlife, apple cider – the fall season is in full swing across the pond.
And nowhere does autumn better than these north-eastern states. Traditional clapboard houses are decorated with autumnal wreaths, with displays of pumpkins and squash on front porches. Farmers take advantage of bumper fruit harvests, churning out deliciously sweet ciders, apple doughnuts and cranberry chutneys. Forests of beech and maple turn glorious shades of red, gold and orange – and if you look closely, you might spot a few wild local residents (squirrels, birdlife and perhaps even a moose or two).
It’s a beautiful region to explore at this time of year – our ‘Best of New England in the Fall’ tour spotlights some of the prettiest parts. We’ll start and end in Boston, journeying in a loop that takes in Cape Cod, Mystic, Woodstock, the White Mountains and much more. Along the way, we’ll enjoy maple syrup tastings, visits to charming historic towns and, of course, plenty of stops to admire the fall foliage.

The Best of New England in the Fall

13 days from £2,849pp

Travelling through five states, soak up postcard-worthy views at every turn, from historic lighthouses and steeple-topped churches, to wooden covered bridges and rows of classic clapboard houses.

Just one photo can bring memories of your holiday flooding back. A spectacular photo can capture the mood of a whole destination. If you love photography, here are our favourite destinations in the world for keeping your lens busy, from mighty sand dunes and stunning landscapes to quirky wildlife.


As you stand in the clouds above Machu Picchu, take in the detail and texture below, the dramatic mountains and the changing light. Our tip is to go in low season and enter the citadel at the end of the day as it empties to get the best pictures, minus the crowds.

The Galapagos Islands

No place in the world is better for taking pictures of wildlife. The islands are home to hordes of endemic species, such as the sun-basking marine iguana. We highly recommend taking a GoPro to capture underwater footage – the sealions can be very playful!

Saint Lucia

One of Saint Lucia's most iconic sights, the emerald-coloured Twin Pitons are volcanic plugs rising from the coast, creating a dramatic backdrop to the town of Soufriere. Stay at Jade Mountain and your open-air suite will have the perfect view of the Pitons from your private pool.


Epic dunes; cheetahs roaming through national parks; and decaying shipwrecks buried in the sand on the Skeleton Coast – Namibia is full of camera-worthy opportunities. One of our favourites is the eerie petrified forest, where scorched trees contrast against orange sand and blue skies.


The energy and relentless pace of Hanoi is intoxicating. One of the best spots to capture snaps of the traffic is from the City View Café, which overlooks one of the busiest intersections on the edge of the Old Quarter. It's chaotic - but brilliant - especially at night.


Rajasthan is a photographer's dream, home to the famous pink city of Jaipur, the stunning Thar Desert and the majestic Bengal Tigers of Ranthambore National Park. Holi, the 'festival of colour' is spectacular to photograph – but beware of flying coloured powder and your camera!

Discover Sri Lanka with Uga Escapes

Rich in emerald-coloured landscapes, fresh local cuisine and exciting wildlife encounters, exploring Sri Lanka is a true adventure. Indulge in a more intimate experience with Uga Escapes' boutique resorts and hotels across this stunning island in the Indian Ocean.

5* Ulagalla Resort

A beautifully-restored colonial mansion in Anuradhapura, framed by paddy fields and a lake; with villas boasting a plunge pool and sun terrace.

5* Chena Huts

Close to Yala National Park where elephants roam free, stay in a spacious cabin amongst the sand dunes and relax in your private plunge pool.

Explore more of Sri Lanka
Eight nights, including breakfast, from £2079pp

Good things come in small packages and that's absolutely the case with the island of Sri Lanka. You'll find spectacular sights that continually inspire people to visit. It has everything from rugged coastlines and tea plantations to dazzling rainforests and exciting wildlife. Experience more of what Sri Lanka has to offer and save up to £382 per couple with a combined stay at three hotels.

Discovering a new destination and delving into what makes it so special is one of the most exciting experiences imaginable. We bring you a collection of our holidays featuring the hottest and trendiest destinations for 2018.

Valletta, Malta
The sun-soaked Mediterranean island of Malta boasts a glorious history and its 16th-century citadel capital, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Valletta, built by the Knights of St John both as a fortress and a spectacular architectural celebration, is one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2018.

Liverpool, UK
In 2008, Liverpool reigned as the European Capital of Culture making it the 'must see' destination in the UK. For 2018, Liverpool has launched an '18 for 2018' campaign showcasing the city’s culture, heritage, UNESCO-listed icons and award-winning exhibitions, which also includes the Terracotta Warriors returning to the UK shores after 10 years at Liverpool's World Museum.

Botswana, Africa
With its incomparable wildlife and unique wild places, Botswana continues to lure visitors. The Okavango Delta is like no other, a pristine wetland paradise while the Chobe River region is famed for its dense concentration of breathtaking wildlife and safari adventures. And, as it's set to be a big year for Prince Harry, Botswana will be the hot topic of many conversations as this was where he camped out under the stars with Meghan Markle and a country that has been close to his heart since he visited at the age of 13.

Nashville, Tennessee, USA
A lucrative part of the America's musical playground, Nashville is the Country Music Capital of the World. Home to the Country Music Hall of Fame, it’s also renowned for the Grand Ole Opry, America's longest-running scheduled show (it’s never missed a Saturday performance since it was first broadcast on radio in 1925!). And for those looking to delve deeper into the Southern music scene, Nashville can be the perfect start point for a classic road trip to Elvis Presley’s Memphis and ‘The Big Easy’, New Orleans.

Galapagos, Ecuador
Located off Ecuador’s coast, the Galapagos Islands are an archipelago home to colourful crabs, swimming lizards, penguins, blue-footed boobies, and the famed giant tortoises. These are the islands visited by the young Charles Darwin in 1835, and inspired him to write and publish his 'On the Origin of Species' theory of evolution. 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Galapagos being managed as a national park and 40 years since it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast
Tourism is on the up again with more visitors flocking to the turquoise coasts, ancient cities and picture-perfect fishing villages. There is no better time or place to discover the exotic blend of eastern and western cultures.

Travelling solo?

You don’t have to travel alone.

The thought of travelling on your own can seem daunting, so why not travel with us? We have a collection of tours and cruises designed exclusively for solo travellers – with no single supplement to pay.

Discover the world with like-minded people, enjoy a twin or double room all to yourself, and perhaps make a new friend or two – safe in the knowledge a dedicated tour manager is with you all the way to ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime.

Every solo holiday includes a welcome dinner and drinks reception so you can meet your fellow travellers. We also offer regional departures across the UK and your tour manager, or a member of our team, will meet you at your chosen airport, or at London St Pancras when travelling by Eurostar.

With a wide range of tours, from a city break in Paris or Bruges to a 22-day adventure in New Zealand, as well as river and yacht cruises, there’s something for everyone.

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